This track contains samples of "King" from the Tekken 3 arranged soundtrack, composed by Nobuyoshi Sano


Welcome to the King level/
I'm King, and I'm King level/
You think you're King level?/
Well, lemme show you King level

(Verse 1)
I do it for the kids/
I do it for the kids less fortunate/
who grew up in an orphanage/
It's my goal to put em through a metamorphosis/
See, when you got nothin, you tend to put emphasis/
on all the things that's negative/
Neglect it, kid/
cause I'm testament of nothing to something/
and sure, as a kid, I would bump heads often with the other kids/
so I opted to wrestle and get paid off when/
I hit em with a flying lariat/
and I move so fast like "where's he at?"/
Son, I'm right behind you; cobra clutch/
Tapped out before you could say "what the f@!*"/
Take my check home and pay the rent again/
just so these kids can have an orphanage (and that's whatchu call...)/

King level/
I'm the champ cause I'm King level/
They want the belt but I'm King level/
Viva Mexico! (King level)/
I'll rough em up good for you cause I'm King level/
You can't dethrone the King, it's my level/
Anger of Beast; this is King level/
...listen to the people out there

(Verse 2)
And I'm the true face that runs the place/
even though you can't really see my face/
Not even John Cena can see my face/
and yeah, my Styles inspired the greats/
that you know and love; from the living to the ones above/
that's what happens when you skip the clubs/
on the weekends - though I used to go/
it just weakened my mind and everything/
that was keepin me sane/
It was about time to make it rain/
and dance in the reign/
Channeled the Anger of Beast/
DELETE - I mean, defeat/
all competition from the strong to the weak/
Seven days a week, I get no sleep but/
the Anger of Beast, keeps me at a King level

King level (6x)

This goes out to/
Fray Tormenta/
and Satoru Sayama/
Remember the name


from The King of Iron Spit, released June 1, 2017
Lyrics: D. Boutdy
Music: B. Rhythmz
Original Score: N. Sano