1225: Dave Hands MC Elf Costume

by Dedicated Servers



The Dedicated Servers love Christmas, so it's only right they share a Christmas/holiday-themed album for you to enjoy.

Conceptualized at the beginning of the fall 2016 and finished just in time for Christmas of the same year, "1225: Dave Hands MC Elf Costume" has DTF & MCMD holiday rapping (wrapping?) over beats by longtime-collaborator, Voytek. All songs are original and profanity-free so that families could enjoy the album together this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


released December 20, 2016

Rhymes: Dave the Fave, MCMD (D. Boutdy, M. Dixon)
Beats: Voytek (V. Zajaczkowski)

*Track 2: production by J Dipple (J. Whipple)
*Track 10: additional vocals by Daphne (D. Hyde)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Gather Round
It's been a long time since I've seen ya/
Cents? We've seen none/
and sense has since gone/
but we still here though/
still the rap weirdos/
but it's Christmas yo, so/

At the end of the day, we still living day to day/
tryna get paid so that we can pay off/
the bills from the last holidays this May/
Much to my dismay, I can't cop that 4K/
but it's okay cause the season's about taking care of others/
If I'm good, Santa's got me covered next year/
but this year I'll take one for the team/
plus I haven't seen my family in forever it seems/
and you know we bustin at the seams when it's time to eat/
cause when you're Laotian, tradition's incomplete/
if nobody made papaya salad - even the one with carrots/
That's a major key - word to DJ Khaled/
One time for Tek, two times for DS/
and three for my friends and family - now we/
are gathered around, all together/
Ayo Tek, let's make this one to remember; oh yes!


it's nice to see you and it's good to be seen/
tis the season just a reason for regrouping the team/
for a couple nights, couple flights and then an oh hey!/
reminiscin just a bit about back in the day/
Rolling snowman til our fingers were numb/
Adam sleddin into Brendan and he fell on his bum/
being dumb were throwing someone into piles of snow/
without checking it for rocks or sticks or glass i know/
i always love it when the family gets together like this/
making plans to get together that we always miss/
but we ain't skippin thanksgiving or christmas/
the wind is blowing strong so were warmin up the kitchen huh/
cookin up some good ole memory food/ every year we get welcome in someone brand new/ like Amanda my cool new sister in-law/ yeah the family is getting bigger we ain't fixin to stop/

Track Name: Holla Days
Ho ho hold up/ i sleigh when roll up/
I Wait until it's dark until I show up/
You know what, time of year it is/
Any time you hearing this, the twelve days of Christmas lyricists/

The bells jingle every time this year/
Lawns fill up with light-up reindeer and life is made clear/
We get together one time out of the year/
just to reminisce over yester-years

Yes your ears, they don't deceive you/
Dedicated servers with that Christmas redo, remix/
Got a gift, gotta give it cuz you need this/
Saint Nicholas ain't the only bearded Jesus/

Jesus, I know you see this so please let/
me and MC into your kingdom/
I mean this the only time I light trees/
so let's make it real bright in the city of trees/
The Holy Trinity: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve/
That's triple the whiskey - I wish these days would last forever/
but if they did, I'd have nothing to remember

Pour me another glass of whats that? Eggnog/
Hey dog we all gettin Christmas day off, Ready/
snow fall heavy/ auntie in the kitchen
with my moms gettin petty cuz she on one/
awesome christ-i-mas in full effect/
Ugly sweater turtle neck, it's ok we working it we workin it/
The Room fills with the scent of pine/
it's like a scene from a sitcom set design/

The scenery is serene to me/
The kids are weasly and yet I feel leisurely/
Easily the best time, let's dine and talk about life/
and how our lives wouldn't be without our wives/
Plus the strength our friends provide, that's how we survive/
in these trying times, it's all about your tribe/
Now let's vibe, and have another plate or three/
You're not finished eating until you can't breathe

(Chorus) x2
It's the holidays so holla, holla, holla/
Watch the snowflakes falla, falla, falla/
Baby Jesus getting gifts like a balla, balla, balla/
Where's your moms at? Calla, calla calla/
Track Name: Here Come the Snowflakes
(Chorus) x2
Here come the snowflakes/
Man it's so great/
Here come the snowflakes/
Everything will be okay

Ay, let the snow fall/
This time, every year, a lot of people say 'oh God'/
Oh, God, why would you bless us with this gentle snow?/
(I don't know)/
Long faces but when the Gem State is/
your homebase, it's just basic so face it/
You Idahoans drive slow anyway/
so snow on the ground's just like every day/
So you might as well enjoy it/
Flush that frown down the toilet cause it's pointless/
like a used pencil - snowflakes are so gentle/
so instrumental to the season/
You need a reason? Stick your tongue out and let the flakes stick/
It's just the greatest, and it's a reminder of how cool it is to be different/
and of course, the pun is intended

(Chorus) x2

Here comes the frozen rain, it's such a sober change/
the sun had shown a week ago but now we know it aint/
i put the shorts away, i guess it's home we stay/
cause we ain't even tryin drivin anywhere today/
Their slip n sliden up and down the road/
The Winter comes to Idaho, you califonys didn't know/
it would be snowy it's December and it's 5 below/
we make a snowman and we going sleddin down the slope/

I Grab a cup a joe/ a couple nuts to go/
I like to sit outside and watch the sky put on a show/
Im on the side of let it snow let it snow let snow/
while these people crying bout it's cold/

I'm thinkin i see Christmas in the air it's a miracle/
the crystallization of water particles is spiritual/
part of this is cynical but trust that it is pivotal/
that every Christmas without snow i die inside a little bro/

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Peace, Love & Joy
Peace, love and joy to the world/
to every man, woman, boy, and girl/
Happiness - give it a whirl, give it a test drive/
It's the reason why Christmas is the best time/
Yes, I'm sending this out to you/
hoping you will send it to your crew too/
Merci beaucoup if anybody grooves to the tune/
it's cool too if it isn't what you do/
Do whatever you please, take a couple of these/
turkeys, peas - here, take this money/
As long as I got my honey, it's all gravy/
Oh, you going home now? Take a side of gravy/
Shout out Owen Havey, the world's crazy/
so with the music we tryna make peace
So put your piece away and let's sing carols/
Just for one moment, let's forget about all the perils/

Peace Love and joy to you and yours/
or course we shutting the windows but open the doors to any/
needing a friend or just want to be friendly/
whether you got a couple grand or couple of pennies/
many, talk but don't act in a brotherly fashion/
got a passion for Christ but spite if you speak with an accent/
pass em with a glance as they head to their mansions/
tough luck huh better learn how to manage/
Not us, you need a friend to cry with? You got us?/
You want a laugh and have a jolly old time you can trust/
in the DS, see we blessed so festive they see us/
and then their faces light up like the Christmas tree does/
It's the most wonderful time of the year/
can't help but get excited every time that i hear/
Christmas carols or even Santa just ringing his bell/
I always drop a couple dollars cause i'm happy to help/

Peace, love, and joy to the world/
From the west coast to the NYC boroughs/
Yeah we taking a world tour to bring joy/
We don't need no Santa, I'll bring the toys/
and we can hop on the toboggan, I got the egg nog and.../
a little something else - I gotta get it poppin/
but this isn't bubble wrap - this is humble rap/
and we send it out to the fam, uncles and aunts/

And brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and pets/
yes yes i look around the world this world is a mess/
so whats the message? i tell my kid to count her blessings/
give to others if you can, and use kindness as a weapon/
this world is too small to ever be divisive/
i've known some men who had it all but their eyes were lifeless/
they built up walls around themselves and blame it all on ISIS /
but love must be given away before you ever find it

Whether you're nice or naughty/
it's peace everybody/
love everybody/
joy everybody/
Let's join everybody/
and love everybody/
hug everybody/
hug anybody/
Whether you're nice or naughty/
it's peace everybody/
love everybody/
joy everybody/
Let's join everybody/
and love everybody/
hug everybody/
hug anybody/

Peace, love, joy/
to everybody/
Peace, love, joy/
to everybody/
Peace, love, joy/
to everybody/
Peace, love, joy/
to the world
Track Name: Christmas Bonus

I got my Christmas bonus/
What you want? It's on us/
I could get you hundreds/
of your favorite entrees/
Got that Christmas bonus/
Let's get food for the homeless/
Mom, I'm finally a grown-up/
with that Christmas bonus

Anything you want, anything you need/
Whatchu wanna flaunt, whatchu wanna eat?/
I could get it all/
but when you got like fifteen niece and nephew/
I might just have to cap it off/
at a Benjamin, but I know you been/
waitin' so I will be spendin'/
because you my special friend/
Been my homie since I lacked dividends


It's been a long winter but ca ching ca ching/
It's like my paycheck says lets buy some things/
i might just bring us some joy this year/
brand new toys and brand new cheers, yahhh!
My pay stub just hit bonus stage/
The kids get gifts new pots to piss in/
You can't take spoils to the grave/
So babe i bought you a new sound system/


Let's take a trip to the mall/
No more window shopping, let's ball/
Nothing but net on my check but its at it's best/
and I guess I just/
feel like spoiling cause I am all year/
Now it's my turn, I am all ears/
like Daryl's necklace, I'm reckless with my check, yes/
but you my best friend


My love for you it just got funding approved/
I'm coming through like Uncle scrooge/
That's something new, not to disappoint/
They are use to new socks and dollar coins/
But now their surprised when they get my gift!/
it's that look in their eyes like holy, Christmas/
you are too kind! I know, just got that bonus though/

(Chorus) x2

Track Name: Opening Gifts at 6
We opening gifts at 6/
We opening gifts at 6/
I'm hoping you ain't sick/
Cause we opening gifts at 6

Even if you are sick you gots to wake up/
All the ladies, please don't worry bout your makeup/
It was like overnight the way the presents got here/
Like a wild Pokemon - "a Christmas gift appears!"/
What we got here? I hear it clink/
I hope it isn't beer cause that isn't what I drink/
Sometimes you gotta think which one to open first/
because the noisy box ends up being the worst/
But when you receive nothing but envelopes, you know you gonna be rich/
and when you get old, it's always money over gifts/
But over all of that, I never understood, as a kid/
that being in the company of kin/
is really what it's about, that's why it never should be a bout/
when relatives came from faraway to take any doubts away/
We gotta find a way to coexist, so/
let's start with opening gifts at 6

(Chorus) x2

Knock knock whos up? I guess thats you man/
Cause you'll be losing a digit for snoozen again/
this ain't a game i'm not playing look in my eyes/
I've been awake all night dreaming of my surprize so get up/
We got coffee in the kitchen if you need/
but Santa dropped some boxes underneath the tree/
so we would love to get this show on the road/
you can sleep this afternoon when you have no where to go alright?/
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what a funny quip/
An anecdote from my brother who i always miss/
but down to business, today is christmas/
i don't think that talking about your work was on my wish list/
Nope nope it doesn't appear to be here/
taking family pictures isn't in here either/ yeah
Yall grab some gifts, one at time/
everyone can cheer and clap, but ill start with mine/

(Chorus) x2

This one is for mom/
This is for the niece and nephew/
and this one here is just for you (for you)/
This one is for pops/
For sisters and brothers, we got big boxes/
Let's see, who bought this?
It's from the Dedicated Servers/
It's from the Dedicated Servers/
The big box is from the Dedicated Servers/
It's for you
Track Name: Christmas Classics
What's better than/
getting in a car and driving like it's no end?/
I'm hoping you got snow tires/
cause I don't quite yet wanna go higher but the volume can/
because "Winter Wonderland" is on/
James Brown Christmas - that's what you want?/
"Dana Dane is Coming to Town"/
"Christmas in Hollis" let's take a trip down/
memory lane with Marvin Gaye/
"Purple Snowflakes" that's so great/
The Free Design sang "Close Your Mouth"/
so close your mouth bro, let's just bounce/
"Up on the House" click, click, click/
69 Boyz "What I Want for Christmas"/
and what I want for Christmas/
top of the wish list are more holiday mixes

I love the classics, the classics/
Don't ask if I have it - I have it/
You know I love the Christmas classics

I love them Christmas classics/
They put me in the mood/
I ain't ever been no tiny tim/
But i don't plan to be an Ebenezer Scrooge/
Yeah i know that the Grinch will lose/
and Cindy Lou Who who's only two/
Probably gonna feed her roast beast to a dog
who shouldn't ever eat no human food/
but that's OK we on Santa's sleigh/
a miracle on 34th st. today/
and Ralphie is gonna go outside and play/
Shoot his eye out, like what did we say?/
Every Time that a bell rings/
An Angel gonna get his wings/
I love it what a Christmas brings/
across my TV screen oh!/


"Someday at Christmas" by Stevie, that's just what we need/
From tweets to the streets - the power of music brings peace/
and if it's a dream only I believe/
I've always been the black sheep, so peace/
I'm back to the beat like Kurtis Blow/
You're a MVP if you know "Too Close" was not the first/
Drop the verse/
"Cold Chillin' Christmas" Big Daddy Kane was first/
What about the Carpenters?/
Front to back, the album was perf/
Simply havin a wonderful Christmas time/
to the iterations of "Sleigh Ride"/
I never get tired of the spirit in the tracks/
so when the song ends, rewind it back

Back to back Frosty and Charlie brown/
Animated films yeah i'm down/
But you know when the holiday nears/
I really wanna see stop motion reindeer/
Rudolph you the real MVP/
And Tim Burtons NBC/
mixed Christmas with our Halloween/
And ruined both get it off the screen/
I'd rather watch some Christmas vacation/
can't go wrong with a cat in a box/
Home Alone hoping Kevin makes it/
Harry burned his hand cause the handles hot/
You got no place to be
no place is open and we got open seats/
Snacks for days, and DVDs/
Lets fall asleep around the TV screen/
Track Name: Quiet as a Mouse
Another silent night/ Another summer gone/
Another year in life/ Another Christmas song/
We sing along without really knowing the words/
Never eating figgy pudding, sleigh bells ring but are rarely heard/
I had a curb but ain't seen it in months/
they say the weather got a bite to it i hear it crunch/
underneath my feet i like to walk around the block on Christmas eve/
it feels like that's the closest we will ever come to world peace/
a peaceful mind, i see the signs, we put up lights/
to emphasis that even on our darkest nights/
we see the light and the light will lead us away/
sipping coco by the fire we can hold out for a brighter day/
I like to think that we cling to our tradition/
with our presents and our past cuz our future isn't given/
it isn't living if you can't stop to observe/
Pause, without words, the awesomeness of earth/

(Chorus) x2
Silence all around, this is how I like it now/
Quiet as a mouse

Twas the night before/
Not a sight, not a sound, they closed the stores/
That holiday shopping madness has got us all thinking backwards/
but it's Christmas so I'll refrain from bad words/
What's the good word America?/
Oh, you all elected a dude who brought the peril up?/
I guess all we could do is bump the carols up/
and keep swimming in this confusing aquarium we call life/
Its all strife but tonight, it's quite quiet/
Stop the riots and just enjoy the silence/
We could all use it, I know it seems useless/
but just do it - just cool it, nooowww/
It's the new edition of these politicians/
but the same old politickin' and our time stays tickin' so.../
Enjoy the calm in the air/
Let the cool breeze rush through your hair cause you're still here

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: My Honey

(Chorus) x2
I don't want no money/
I just want my honey/
Don't care if you look ugly/
Just come here and hug me

Not Pooh Bear - I just want my pooh bear/
Hear a couple footsteps (who's there?)/
For once, I don't want it to be Santa/
I need counseling and she's my Deanna/
We're just another couple that works hard/
So hard that it's like we're the Coast Guard/
Never see each other enough because my schedule is rough/
Come weekend, once again, I go up/
Take flight in the night, no one to hold tight/
cause I'm tryna get my money right/
Why though? This life is a lie, yo/
Being with the one who loves you most - it's nothing more delightful/
except for maybe Sunny D/
Orange you glad that we are Honey Bees?/
I got the voice and you're my top choice, you don't need my vote/
Just be my coach and show me how to grow

(Chorus) x2

you are...my/
guiding light i/
might not be this man if I/
didn't have your hand in life alright/
it's been a whole lot of time since we first met/
you took aimless boy gave him purpose/
i use to write your name out In cursive/
L-U-B-I damn it's perfect/
i wasn't nervous, knew we hit it out of the park/
a couple perverts making out in the dark ok/
it started out as spark and grew into flame/
and ended up with you chucking your name/
Holy matrimony holy moly now we got a kid/
call you honey but it's funny cause you sweet as it is/
A queen bee, See shes the one running the hive/
You really are the only reason that this guy is alive/ i love you

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Find a Way (ft. Daphne)
I'm not gonna lie man/
Pass by a homeless guy and I'm like 'nah man/
Nowadays anybody could be a con man/
It got me pondering life like 'why man?'/
Wandering life myself like a wise man/
I know it all cause I'm past 29 and/
and what? Tsk, that isn't right man/
It make me sick too; give me a Zicam/
Let's make it right; why don't we give without thinking twice?/
What we got to lose when we know it'll be alright/
We gotta stay kind, pay mind/
to the old folks at the coffee shop saying 'hi'/
cause they got no one so don't shun/
Show some love, you would be amazed, you don't have to give a gift/
Even just a smile can make a person feel a little bit worthwhile

(Chorus - Daphne)

i don't know if it's the weather, Weather?/
or weather not we know, No/
I spent my whole life running from demons/
that won't seem to let me go/
i got a whole lot of problems that i can't fix
fixated on my death what's my chances/
why'd the sun have to go and vanish i begin to panic/
winter time turns my insides rancid/ breath
You should focus on the trees, light strings/
what my branches need, might bring/
bright things to dark dull night/
everything is going to be alright, I promise/
You ain't got to be alone right now/
there's somebody on the other side of town/
who is feeling the same you might even know their name/
you just need to escape from your current head space/ leave
Deviate from the same old things/
You want a new Act change scenes/
Pack your things and go to where the happiness is/
you don't have to live like this/ It's OK
If you don't really wanna participate/
We just want to see your face/
Face it though, you ain't a waste got a place to go/
all you need to do is pick up the phone, and say hey, well know/

(Chorus - Daphne) x2
Track Name: Snow Angels
Snow angels; it's just you and me/
Snow angels; it means there is peace/
Snow angels; don't wear a fleece/
Snow angels; what a relief

The most wonderful time of the year comes and goes/
It makes you wish you would've wished for a slo-mo button/
for Christmas - put it on the wish list for next year/
and be good for Saint Nicolas/
Now that I'm nickle-less, I feel a little anxious/
but then I remember I got my family to vanquish/
anything negative - big up my relatives/
Who but they to turn Dangerous Dave to delicate/
Let us celebrate one time before you go away/
Let's do something out of mind - don't be afraid/
Let's play like we used to back in the day/
Snowball fight before we pass out and lay in the snow/
Move our arms to and fro until it gets too cold/
It's time to go? Say it ain't so, this part is painful/
but I know you got me, cause you're my snow angel

(Chorus) x2

you know that feeling though? that winter wind will blow/
snow concealed my window but id seen her wearing indigo/
she wasn't cold as she laid down in the grass/
tried to shake it as she passed the impression seemed to last/
what just happened?/She caught me off guard/
I wasn't scared, wasn't scarred I just wanna know who flattened my yard/
A fall from grace face up a snowflake/
A Slow mo the whole globe an embrace of her soul/
I couldn't know back then how i would be effected/
I studied each individual line a snow detective/
Yet as each sun set, and new snow fell/
the imprint went dim till men can't tell/
I use to lay within the lines that she made/
try to capture up the feelings that had gone away/
but as summer came was on to brighter days/
i might have try it Dave but i could never find the spot where she laid
she was gone/

(Chorus) x2