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Jonathan Castro Been a fan of you guys ever since Samurai Servers, and this album is as fresh as ever. Leaf Tag takes me all the way back. Don't stop making music! Favorite track: Leaf Tag.
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This is dedicated to my father who i may never understand, but who I will always strive to be. I realize now I'm more "you" than I care to admit and I'd like to think you're a little bit "me".


released May 29, 2016

Production by
CustÖ - Tracks 1 &3
Weighn Beats - Tracks 2 & 10
Burnell Washburn - 4 & 13
Noah Hyde - Track 5
Pat Benolkin - Track 6
Nate Kiz - Track 7
Allin Purcell - Track 8
Young Fugly - Track 11
Surebert - Track 12

Oso Negro
Clev Speach



all rights reserved
Track Name: What You Wish For
It's hard to believe I wear my heart on my sleeve
my arteries are pumping passion no person could put one past him
A pacifist with past regrets holding on to something new
selling out my closest friends ain't something that I ever do

You can pucker up and suck a fucking dick for all I care
Pompous poorly performed poetry is all I fucking hear
A buccaneer of bullshit I navigate the ocean
Of phony rapping characters who are going through the motions

Yup Yup, Hip hop hurray
Yup Yup, We came to celebrate
They came to sell you hate crimes sprinkled over base lines
Homophobe hystaria Well How far could it carry yah

Wasting all our speakers on the regular
Loving all my fans I just don't understand, what I should say to her
Shout out goes to lizz Anne I'm glad you made it here
my moms been saying I'm the man for like a half a year

and now I've made son well yeah I made it fun
If I'm the son of god than I'm the lazy one
Cause I've been selling sin But I got sin to sell
I brought the whiskey kids Someone grab the ginger ale

Party on Wayne but we hardly from the same scene
Yeah I came to bang bro but it's time I came clean
I came to murder rap and bring the lyrics back
I will destroy a track and never call producers back

Matt was such an asshole David was the nicest kid
That's what they'll be saying While I'm looking for two shits to give/giving in I never do, Dedication residue
Spread across my catalog Like "Oh my god I love this tune"

Return of the beckbeard never be ashamed son
I'm like a lame pun fired from a tank gun, "Cannon"
But I ain't ever had a DJ these days
they only want to name drop for some free plays

But that won't make my art better still
I grab a hold of a sharp feather quill
Scribble blood on the page
My delivery is aids cause it's murder but you feel like you go laid

uh oh You sure you really wanna snuggle with me?
I could hook you pussies up with another mc who's much tougher
use to slang rock before his supper
likes to push cock with out a rubber, "that's reckless"

Yes it is check your messages
I would never change a line to impress some kids
so I'm a writer with no income/ it's been fun
but I'm done rapping for fun

If I were to leave or desert? That'd be delicious
I'm putting out another track but I ain't done the dishes
Or taken out the trash Many are taken back by the fact that I seemed to of mastered my craft

I'm the king of this shit storm
Either prince or the popper cause I'm properly piss poor
They say be careful what is that you wish for
you just... might... get it...Get It?
Track Name: Nothing (FT. Oso Negro)
Rappers now a days are feeling slighted on the daily
Yup nobody paid me yup this game is crazy
you changed it with some new word arrangement
but they all sit around like, "You know what his name is?" No

We never even ever been to his show
But I heard he just retired twenty minutes ago
It's a shame you decided to stop now, you had it on lock down
the way you copied Tupac's sound

Claiming Hip Hops dying but that's funny to me
cause none of yall are doctors or got a fucking degree
Feel like life ain't fair, boy you god damn right
The only thing you're guaranteed is a place to curl up and die

If you want to make it, you can never be complacent
if you need someone to blame you should blame your motivations
and that's an understatement, you need to understand
that your the only man responsible to try and change it


Oso Negro-
They say fake it til you make it, never make it you're just a fake
severed then replaced by your brethren another snake
Crushed debate, muster hate, flushed the gator
Grew up in the sewer consumed by furor then rushed ya later

snapping on a mug, spill proof MC
Thriving on saliva spit consume til empty
I see the glass is half dark matter
Getting so fired up my lips smack and flash a spark at ya

Taking biters to task demand integrity
blatant liars on blast command celebrity
Flagrant writers for trash cast as enemy
Check one two two to date death mask a Kennedy

Liberty's tree fed by blood of the tyrants
as souls of the patriots rush to remind us
Battle is both figurative and literal
originality and content Indivisible


These Mc's make claims of royalty but never put an album out
never doing shows... shit that must be a heavy crown
a heavy burden that you bear never heard a word he shared
heard that you got shot at but I looked around like where

It wasn't in this city, I doubt it's in this state
if your music wasn't shitty maybe you'd avoid the hate
hey hey maybe you should try to put some effort into writing
or just move around on stage so your shows seem more exciting

but inviting all your cousins doesn't mean that people love it
go back to doing what your good at serving chicken nuggets
it is gonna be a while before your unkie O and I
ever hand over this mic to give these fake MC's a try

i've spent more time on my music than you have procrastinating
we just booked another tour you just booked a new vacation
wasting all that time with a dream that's in your heart
claiming that you'll never stop but when you gonna start boy?


Life is what you make it so you better make it something
or else you getting nothing boy you getting nothing
I hope you like your nothing boy you getting nothing

Life is what you make it so you better make it something
or else you getting nothing boy you getting nothing
You'll get nothing and like it!
Track Name: Game Over (FT. Clev Speech)
When i get up on the mic It's like I step into the game
spitting picture perfect scriptures that will slip into your brain
every pixels worth a thousand eighty paragraphs at 60 frames
So Second guessing me at my best... you getting slain

Its MCMD Your Barrier to entry
I bury MC's in mass graves like their diseased packs of kids
with black plague from the rats and ticks
infected way back in the 14th century

Like ten dudes just ran out of their continues
the venue needs you to pay them back for what you didn't do
i knew you would be crap the first track you re-winded back the fact
is if you couldn't really rap you probably never should pretend to

It's not a game you should be wanting to play, jumangi
I'll show you, life's a beach, on any day, tsunami
Your mommy told me calmly that she'd feed you to a zombie like she feeds on my salami if it'ed keep you from the stage

Clev Speech-
I'm a new jack with with an old school cat mentality
Morpheus with a mic when I write I'm morphing realities
skip the formalities, Fatality finish him!
Killing the beat softly by flowing multiple synonyms

It sound good don't it? Yeah I'm sure it does
I'm giving my self goose bumps hair standing like peach fuzz
you know I'm sick cause, Call it Ebola
I'm fixing to get it kickin the confident mic controller

Since a little boy I still play with toys but I'm a grown man
My pants got bigger, voice got deeper so here I stand
I know looks can be deceiving It's quit intriguing to note
That when i spoke my lines are dope and thus worth repeating

It's like my words are bleeding, Sissy Spacik
I may lack in experience but I am far from basic
so when you pass it off, I won't disappoint
I piggyback your energy to johnny blaze the hot joint

These skills ain't something you can teach
I'm dustin off these diamonds like they use to call me screech
If I'm preaching to the choir it's because i am a higher power
turning enemies into my money like i acquired the fire flower

every minute every hour That I'm in it i devour
these mimics who pretend to be treasures but its a gimmick
So i grimace at the music they make
only thing you can honestly claim is being honestly fake

Clev Speech-
Oooohh! my mind is like a sponge but I don't live under the sea
so even if my pants are square I am not a square in the least
I rise like yeast in the belly of the beast and the deceased
rise from the ground and start bobbing their head to the beat

while dragging their feat, so wear slippers
not into paying strippers, I'd rather make it rain in the booth to speed my process quicker, fresh enough to deliver, right at your door step
the best kept secret since Luke and his dad first met

Good Goddamn! We some forces to to be reckoned with
Clev is like a weapon modified him with extended clip
i guess its time we columbine these kids spitting line after line into their minds Until they notice us and give a shit

Clev Speech-
How many lines could Clev and Matt rap if Clev and Matt could rap rhymes the answer to that my dear is easily 100 times
We drop so many dimes that penny pinchers hate our guts
So peace out player next time hope you have better luck

yeah that would be a longshot you'll need a better life
you better go back in time convince yourself to never rhyme

Clev Speech-
Cause days of future past blast like the gun of cable
forge all my bars in a safe house away from labels

But this the age of apocalypse yup the end is near
you can kiss your puny lives goodbye their about to disappear

Clev Speech-
Not even Xavier could save ya when we stick up
Bishop the competition your rap carrier was a hick up
Track Name: Rappers I Listen To (FT. DTF)
It's wasn't my fault that the atmosphere changed
They got no eyedea that I'm coming their way
brother, all I need is to grieve again
about another damn rapper that I ain't ever met/
But that's the consequence of this
New EL-P from these cunning linguists
fell in love little brother have you seen this
And turn blu at the DOOM of a GZA genius
oh no, Locked in my room like I'm Quasimoto
No sleep P See we be on some nodose
That's Dedication
i was a pos yup nobody cared the people under the stairs/
Mur Murs, about how we were weird/
an outcast But I couldn't hear it/
found the blueprint to my sole And a Lif in my spirit/
Apathy behind me I broke out of my cage
saw a blackstar, Mos def I was amazed
at the evidence, lyrics born from the
roots of Dead presidents, they set precedence
Honest folks with Immortal techniques
Common folks with tech nines
Edan on me that Kool Keith
Used them Jedi tricks in his mind
To busta a rhyme, on a killer mic
not the killing type, mad villain right?
But the fact is I would Beat nuts stacked
For the chance to rap er just kick back with elzhi


I use to c ray's walls with hieroglyphics painted
that Pharaoh propaganda that old Sand people language
It caused some k-os in the way I was
On the freeway towards the pharcyde driving in a bus
We was some rappers, working non prophits
For free drinks, alcoholics/
Guided by yeezus, mc Christened by blue scholars
All we had was being candidt
bought clipse we never even lived
nastalgic bout tupac takin shots at puffy and big
But Im a big boi rapper now i knaan have black thoughts
I keep it casual and duck down when they buckin shots
So you can smoke a big L or even pusha T
If you're grouch filled with malice that's nothing to me
a guru or a soul of mischief
me I self divine
I seek out living legends
Just a quest to find your tribe


They don willed this rapper into existence
Live savas of my soul position
Initially i was M.E.D
Now they call me MC Matt Dixon
But Visionaries they couldn't fors ee this
fiasco to some, like fake adiddas
The art of matt dixon so egregious
But trust psalm one thinks I'm a genius
got the gift of gab, don't frontalot
Off the top of my grey skull
got that grade school stories like a Aesop rock
but I'm not afraid of beef like a cannibal ox
it's not often that I'm not entrenched in
hip hop that's my prof fession
old dominion or new dimensions
I dedicated my life to writing a sentence
until my dessamal points turn red
dumb found dead holding on to my pen
they thought i might have lost my hip hop head
it was illogical what Dave I did
Binary stars acting so random
Burnnin bright but in flight like tandem
Slumin in a village who can't quit stand em
not a rugged man but i plan to be the man son
not living in a mansion
a handsome boy with a million raps hand made
pave another path for the young cats trying to rap like the whole damn cast of the wu tang/

-Chorus -
It was a wrap when i first heard it
Literally it was just perfect
The first kids really earned it
so I pay my respects and keep learning

Yeah, yeah I keep learning learning
Yeah I keep learning learning
And I keep working working
And I just learned it learned it
Track Name: Leaf Tag
When I was in six grade I still played with stick blades
tree forts and the pine cone hand grenades
there's a war going on outside we in the trenches
their throwing water balloons and hopping fences

they on some senseless murder of innocent
so we ain't going to bed until we finish it
you know what this dude said to show his ignorance?
that the SNES ain't as good as the Genesis

oh my god my homey Jared had a hold me back
I'm too old for this great school crap
"language" sorry mom that was an accident
We ain't really really fighting we just practicing

but that's what it was like back then life or death
life scrolled right we had nothing left
we rode bikes at night with no lights and yes
We were dreaming of all types of breasts


When I was 16 I may have seemed a bit mean
I had the world figured out but the world didn't get me
I had more enemies than I did friends
and I was waiting for my story to truly begin

Spending every waking moment playing video games
in a battle on a digital front
my teacher he said Matt you need focus on school
but I was getting school by a dude named slug, yup

music was the key to the future it seamed
rappers were the only ones not lying to me
i find it funny everyone around me's pushing a dream
that looks an awful lot like what they're trying to be

my father use to say about watching us play
the game wasn't the game it was making the rules
looks like growing up it's like the same damn thing
the only rules you got to follow are the ones that you choose


As a child i played with childish things
As a man i put those things away
cause their worth more now when they're mint in box
and i need Ching Ching to buy some video games

We still ride our bikes though our bed times changed
play in Treeforts only now we get paid
I make music that i would have loved back in the day
and all the movies from my childhood are getting remade

It's like the more things change the more they don't
i traveled the world but always end up home
my father use to film us when we played with the hose
and now I'm directing footage watching Madilyn grow

It's crazy when they say we too old for this shit
you didn't notice, no one over here was listen in
they in the business of convincing us on how we should live
but they need to understand we just some grown ass kids


We don't grow up we just grow old
the same old same old same old
Playing Leaf tag
Playing Leaf tag
Playing capture the flag
and Leaf tag

We don't grow up we just grow old
the same old same old same old
Playing Leaf tag
Playing Leaf tag
Playing capture the flag
and Leaf tag
Track Name: Black Winter Night (FT. DTF)
Dave The Fave-
And the weather just got Cold
Time to break out the boots and the big coats
Holiday overtime double swing shift
Give it all to me cause I don't make shit for dough Though

I'm thankful to even have a job yo
Octo to Novem and decem
try to make a decent living
With out decending to overspending I'm over spending

Time for the man,
I'm the man ain't you heard these jams?
They Jelly cause PB and DTF
bringing that Def back to mos that slept

ain't nobody got time for that I rest
Not a lot cause I got a big fam
and they need the best presents and my checking lessens
Now I see why people depressed in...


I ain't ever been cool but I'm cold what?
So dope I'm coke not soda
Pop! But I done got this one
bundle up yup yup when the winter comes

Cold, no home we snowden
no kings no lies we grown men
Eyes wide open we focused frozen
but winter comes for those who chosen! stop

Chilled to the bone that they never been caught
cot damn! Sun had to run from a real man
left me here in a cold land
An icy tundra sometimes I wonder

If it all snow balled would we be crushed under
the weight of our own mistakes I can't face it
start a new burn it down, erase shit


The black winter night sky ay ay ay
What I do for mine
man I got no time I got to get mine
if I fall behind on bills fine
but I got to supply
ay ay ay
got to do it for mine
ay ay ay
it's dark out side
ay ay ay
what a cold life
ay ay ay

The black winter night sky ay ay ay
What I do for mine
man I got no time I got to get mine
if I fall behind on bills fine
but I got to supply
ay ay ay
got to do it for mine
ay ay ay
it's dark out side
ay ay ay
what a cold life
ay ay ay
Track Name: Political Discourse
They're talking gun control, talking drug prohibition
instead of self-control and pushing education
they like to keep us poor, they want to keep us wasted
How do the homeless freeze when every single church is vacant?

been brain washed by corporations
buy it now instead just be patient
Advertisements they make me anxious
All I see is product placement

*sound of can opening *gulp
Damn that's good man can't you taste it
They said they said they said
drugs are bad take medication

I've been wasting time and energy
on cigarettes and Hennessey
my television it speaks to me
and I listen are you listening?

I god well know this government's
been listening and been hovering
on my phone calls and my emails
And they stole all my CD sales

they say that's how it's supposed to be
I can't afford my groceries?
id blame it on my taxes
but the jobs are all now over seas

Better learn me some Chinese
Like shey shey and I say say
Many things that might sound crazy

But I need to find an answer for
Ideas they say that we can't explore
Like If there ain't no cure for cancer
What the fuck are we selling cancer for?

but yet your Poised for a promotion
putting poison in the ocean
While We stuck out here just floating
by my selves, like what the hell?

Are we suppose to think
their hoping we aren't noticing
they control us by our dopamine
that's so obscene and it's sobering

Their talking terrorism, Talking climate debates
Instead of over crowded prisons And pollution rates
They debate free markets And corporation rights
Beware the games your Children play but they'll play that game with your children's lives

No murder can't be justified
just for fun Or just to spite
They say it's for our benefit
But their money's tied to that genocide

Like what the hell are we fighting for?
Fight diseases help the poor
Free the information
Send the politicians out to war

Objection! Overruled
No one cares you needed fuel
Its apparent you a parasite
But you wave your flag when you terrorize

Like pat pat where the drones at?
You know the ones they been throwing stones at
The ones that are launching missiles
into huts that are filled with nomads

"We interrupt this message for some important news
The teenager your children love has been caught drinking booze"

man I'm sick of fear and tired of lies
Teenage girls that we idolized
Until their proven human
then their drug through the mud and crucified

Like Jesus Christ, if it a right
Understand it ain't your life
Raise your kids to recognize
Addiction seems to wreck your life

And we addicted to oil Power
Suppression, Spoils
Protecting the possessions
of our self appointed royals

But none of this is new and tomorrow on the news
Some teenager will have led us all a stray
And Then they sell us shoes, Sell us make up, sell us booze
And well go to sleep and dream of better days

Their talking blah blah blah
But doing something else
Their selling us a lie
and pocketing our wealth

I don't support their message
They aren't supporting me
Open up your eyes
the systems made of lies and make believe
Track Name: Greed is Greater Than God
I have never been afraid of dumb shit that they made up
Matt Dixon is Darth Vader, Matt Dixon is you maker
make me king mother fuck if they holding you down
yeah I have never had respect for no one holding a crown

there's no kings there's no rings there's no need for those things
in the land where I'm from its the man with the quickest tongue
who is king. I roll up on the scene
with that pully pully pop I'm like a fully automatic glock

God damn I could of Been the son of Sam
I murder fools cause I like that blood upon my hands
Hands down! Put your hands down
I didn't come here to Dance I ain't no sad clown

I came here to rap this rope around your neck
Put my knee into you back And choke you til you collapse
but the fact is this ain't an attack
This only Mercy from your new lord Matt


I never lose when I spar, I got a room full of jars
meticulously fill with my enemies parts
I'm not a bad dude, I got no tattoos
I just like to mutilate em, I cut em up and fillet em

I tell em follow verbatim with everything that I'm saying
greed is greater then God
protect your neck from the fakes and the frauds
and may the odds be forever in your favor

I am your one true savior Stay hear
and well fix your behavior
I've beheaded my best friends
Digested intestines i suggest you dissect
every sentence and message i send

Only then will you will crack the zodiac code
an order to the soul of the ordinarily dull
if you seek an answer to the question ask it
now put the fucking lotion in the basket


I'm so masochistic with the way that I Rip it
divulging my business like water when you open a spigot
My spoken word when overheard
Leaves broken hearts for wounded birds
come here kitty kitty I pretty much am your friend

Just Depending how this ends Descending into the sand
Transcending expectations of what it means to be a man
i'm bad man, will some bad goals
i never hold a door open I'm an asshole

and if i led you astray at least i led you away
I'm allegedly the enemy yeah that's what they'll say
They'll claim it was insanity that went made me this way
but you can disregard your family they're all really slaves

a boulevard of broken dreams a pavement of lies
Everyone is clinging to a stupid disguise
but not me i was set free by an inquisitive mind
and ill lead you to the promised land just get in line sucker

Life advice from Charles Manson
Track Name: Faying
Pardon me Faying but I'd love to hear you sing
just a bit yeah just for me in your Mandarin Chinese
if you're shy that's fine ill close my eyes and you can do the same
but wont you wash away this ugliness like Beijing when it rains

you see my plane it leaves so early, and right now it is late
when I'm gone these walls between us will be classified as great
so just make me a believer, I it's the last time that I'll be here
serenade my ears in ways that will make me wish I stayed here

Later on when I'm at home alone with toast applying butter
I will gently say your name likes it's profane for me to utter
But for this to happen yes, I'm afraid I must digress
I need you to move your diaphragm and put my heart to rest

open up your mandible and reach into your soul
Giving birth to sounds and syllables Of words I've never known
I care not of the meaning, perhaps a simple greeting
but I'll die a happy man if Faying you would start singing/

-Faying Singing-

Yeah see now you have the stage and you have my attention
Can you capture all my heart and soul and garner my affection
Destiny, well it means all of this was predetermined
but I like to think that we made it here cause I'm just a lucky person

certainly I don't deserve this, Im not out here on purpose
I propose we make the best of things, Faying sing me your verses
cause I know you have a song, a story seldom mentioned
coupled with that do rey me we can flee to new dimensions

sentences of strength that will draw me towards your weakness
Peppered chicken wings and a tea derived from peaches
I'm so far away from safety I know not the way back home
I speak nothing of the language your the only one I know

vulnerable I am... You must repay in kind
Find that courage that I know you have to let out what's inside
Don't hide it from the world let your talent be the light
you could be my star but it's only for tonight

-Faying singing-

Yeah they say I'm foreign here but I feel just right at home
so pick a song any song or stanzas from a poem
I just want to hear those syllables as they slide across your tongue
and make believe the things you say to me will keep us from the sun

bathe me in your darkness i'm the farthest now from sane
and as far as I can tell you weave a spell to ease my pain
so name off the colors, or run us through the numbers
say something I've never heard but keep it from the others

just for us, yeah we discuss all our hopes and dreams and fears
drinking beer I can't pronounce as we she'd away the years
The tears will be our currency, silence be its name
I find safety in a shadow that others call Faying

We know the end is nigh we pretend this day wont die
But hours from this moment now I'll leave this world behind
it's the last time that you'll see me, I swear to god I am leaving
Do me one last favor I just want to hear you singing

-Faying singing-
Track Name: A1C
he said your heart pump kool-aid literally
your nocking at the devils door
If you don't wake the fuck up the fuck up the fuck up
than you ain't gonna wake no more
becuase your dieing
he said you dieing
Yeah you dieing
But you aint dead yet

i was twenty eight in twenty fourteen it was Christmas eve
id been pissing like no ones business convinced that my drinkings messing with me
Like liver disease or kidney infection I mostly feel good but there's always that question like before i lost the weight

my stomache was buggin the heck out of me
endoscopy colonoscopy but nothing to see
i guess I'm destined for intestinal pain 2 years later
the latter half of the year my bladders been acting insane

making deals like if I make it past christmas vacation
ill go back to only drinking on weekends and not getting wasted
that's basically based on me not becoming a patient
but they called me the next day with something worth sayin

he said your heart pump kool-aid literally
your nocking at the devils door
If you don't wake the fuck up the fuck up the fuck up
than you ain't gonna wake no more
becuase your dieing
they said you dieing
he said you dieing
But you aint dead yet Matt

"So remember Mr. Dixon you need to go ahead and be 2 inches away from your navel when you stick this syringe in. Now your gonna have to do a shot every day, uh it's about 20 units, there's a prescription ready for you at Fred Meyers... Merry Christmas"

It's amazing how quickly you get accustomed to stabbing
yourself in the stomach with objects and running
your blood to figure out if you fucked up like what did i eat?
I'm hungry but running the upper 200's for my BGs. like really?

I got a headache now. It's hot in the house.
I'm sweating getting upset with my spouse like fuck it
i guess i won't eat! you feel like Ive been distant?
well that's funny cause I feel like i just got a disease

and I don't want to talk about it even though the thoughts the loudest thought in my head, 11 years off of the end.
i have never felt so alone with so many friends
"you can beat it" it's genetic, So i'm not going to win

maybe if I'm lucky yeah i'll be keeping my legs
stroke or heart attack it's always in the back of my brain
cardiovascular pain really ruins your day
til my wife she looked me in the eyes had something to say

she said your heart pump kool-aid literally
you were nocking at the devils door
If you didn't wake the fuck up the fuck up the fuck up
yeah you weren't gonna wake no more
becuase you were dieing
we all are dieing
she said you are dieing
But you aint dead yet Matt

"Matt get up... get up! We're going shopping"

So we got up and we bought up only food I could eat
my wife's been learning recipes that are specific to meet
the nutritional needs of a diabetic adult
i started exercising regularly and cut out the coke

I've drinking lacroix and only coffee that's black
I've been taking medication to prevent heart attacks
I spend my time a little wiser and I try to be good
the longer that i go the less that I am craving the food

even though i know that I'm not always doing ok
the more i talk about it the less power that it contains
we drew some blood and tested it at the beginning of May
and now my A1C is back within acceptable range

They said your heart... looks good Mr. Dixon. Your A1C was at 11.7 back in December and you brought it down to 5.4. which is a valiant effort in the short amount of time you have had diabetes. so if you keep this up and maybe work out a little bitmore hopefully we can just see you twice a year and you can get back to a semi-normal life but things are looking good.
Track Name: Heart of Gold
You remember first time we had ever met
Better yet first time that we ever kissed
I was feeling like I needed to start fresh
And your lips tasted like Sierra mist

Oh my Carl Sagan
A heavenly body worth chasin
Wasting away in a dark place, It was black hole
You made my heart race, like a tadpole ooh

It was you who saved my life Lubi
I'd never lie cause you see right through me
Unless of course you mean "koi hock chow lie"
cause I'ma love you till the day that we die

And that's a long long time and so far away
And I always thought it would be just you and me
But it's funny how things happen in this crazy world
Cause now my baby girls having a baby girl!


You remember first time that we ever met
Better yet first time that we ever kissed
You were covered in blood I was so impressed
an assassin in a bassinet

Bare ass with some class to it
Yeah i played this song and you danced to it
i could see you growing up as a dance student
or getting grants to a school being mad prudent/ You meant

the entire fricken world to me
we put my neighbor Totoro in your nursery
we may go toe to toe over certain things
but its important to know your important to this whole

family girl so don't sweet it, You get it?
you fixed my heart like a damn medic
I said it before and ill say it again
I I Love Love You You Madilyn



Heart of gold
Inside of her tummy tummy tummy tummy
She had a Heart of gold
Inside of her belly button was it? was it?
Heart of gold
Inside of her tummy tummy tummy tummy
She had a heart of gold
Inside of her uterus the universe exists
Track Name: Land Before Rhyme
Back before we ever had a hip hop team
we became best friends over tatooine, I mean
Nerd things and word games our birthdays
I would make a joke about these things that the girls say

We traded hip hop that we thought was legit
running around school like "Yeah we the shit"
Didn't have the nerve to even talk to a chick
but LOOC what we did man we started a clique

A cliche in a way but if it wasn't for Dave
I never would have had my first job at the arcade
playing MVC2 and we were getting paid
until we graduated then we started to say now


I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this.
Without you this rapper wouldn't even exist
It was your idea to even pick up a mic
yeah you use to give me tips on how to spit when I write

Like I should plan out my breaths and end on a clap
I owe you my life for teaching me how to rap
The Dedicated Servers we were making the laps
yeah and you were always with me watching my back

We were chasing a dream, state after state
packing them in just to give them a taste
we were making new fans with the music we made
Manifest destiny this was our fate like


now we've been doing shows for a decade plus
These hip hop heads all still going nuts
man I love what I do and I do what I love
while my wife sits at home wondering where I was

I use to really feel like I needed this scene
Neurolux, Jason D we living the dream
and maybe it's sad that our priorities change
but you've been picking up and I've been losing my steam

Dave you were my fave before you made it your name
you can blame me if you want but this isn't the same
I'm not saying I quit or that things need to change
I guess in the end all I'm trying to say is

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?
cause the road ahead is unclear... Uncle...
You a part of my soul
but I don't know if i can follow this road.. no!
Where do we... go!
Where do we... go!
Where do we go from here?
Where do we... go!
Where do wo go from here?