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    releases 29 May 2016

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What You Wish For
Nothing (FT. Oso Negro)
Rappers I Listen To (FT. DTF)
Black Winter Night (FT. DTF)
Political Discourse
Greed is Greater Than God
Heart of Gold
Land Before Rhyme


This is dedicated to my father who i may never understand, but who I will always strive to be. I realize now I'm more "you" than I care to admit and I'd like to think you're a little bit "me".


releases May 29, 2016

Production by
CustÖ - Tracks 1 &3
Weighn Beats - Tracks 2 & 10
Noah Hyde - Track 5
Pat Benolkin - Track 6
Nate Kiz - Track 7
Allin Purcell - Track 8
Young Fugly - Track 11
Surebert - Track 12

Oso Negro
Clev Speach



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Track Name: Game Over (FT. Clev Speech)
When i get up on the mic It's like I step into the game
spitting picture perfect scriptures that will slip into your brain
every pixels worth a thousand eighty paragraphs at 60 frames
So Second guessing me at my best... you getting slain

Its MCMD Your Barrier to entry
I bury MC's in mass graves like their diseased packs of kids
with black plague from the rats and ticks
infected way back in the 14th century

Like ten dudes just ran out of their continues
the venue needs you to pay them back for what you didn't do
i knew you would be crap the first track you re-winded back the fact
is if you couldn't really rap you probably never should pretend to

It's not a game you should be wanting to play, jumangi
I'll show you, life's a beach, on any day, tsunami
Your mommy told me calmly that she'd feed you to a zombie like she feeds on my salami if it'ed keep you from the stage

Clev Speech-
I'm a new jack with with an old school cat mentality
Morpheus with a mic when I write I'm morphing realities
skip the formalities, Fatality finish him!
Killing the beat softly by flowing multiple synonyms

It sound good don't it? Yeah I'm sure it does
I'm giving my self goose bumps hair standing like peach fuzz
you know I'm sick cause, Call it Ebola
I'm fixing to get it kickin the confident mic controller

Since a little boy I still play with toys but I'm a grown man
My pants got bigger, voice got deeper so here I stand
I know looks can be deceiving It's quit intriguing to note
That when i spoke my lines are dope and thus worth repeating

It's like my words are bleeding, Sissy Spacik
I may lack in experience but I am far from basic
so when you pass it off, I won't disappoint
I piggyback your energy to johnny blaze the hot joint

These skills ain't something you can teach
I'm dustin off these diamonds like they use to call me screech
If I'm preaching to the choir it's because i am a higher power
turning enemies into my money like i acquired the fire flower

every minute every hour That I'm in it i devour
these mimics who pretend to be treasures but its a gimmick
So i grimace at the music they make
only thing you can honestly claim is being honestly fake

Clev Speech-
Oooohh! my mind is like a sponge but I don't live under the sea
so even if my pants are square I am not a square in the least
I rise like yeast in the belly of the beast and the deceased
rise from the ground and start bobbing their head to the beat

while dragging their feat, so wear slippers
not into paying strippers, I'd rather make it rain in the booth to speed my process quicker, fresh enough to deliver, right at your door step
the best kept secret since Luke and his dad first met

Good Goddamn! We some forces to to be reckoned with
Clev is like a weapon modified him with extended clip
i guess its time we columbine these kids spitting line after line into their minds Until they notice us and give a shit

Clev Speech-
How many lines could Clev and Matt rap if Clev and Matt could rap rhymes the answer to that my dear is easily 100 times
We drop so many dimes that penny pinchers hate our guts
So peace out player next time hope you have better luck

yeah that would be a longshot you'll need a better life
you better go back in time convince yourself to never rhyme

Clev Speech-
Cause days of future past blast like the gun of cable
forge all my bars in a safe house away from labels

But this the age of apocalypse yup the end is near
you can kiss your puny lives goodbye their about to disappear

Clev Speech-
Not even Xavier could save ya when we stick up
Bishop the competition your rap carrier was a hick up
Track Name: Leaf Tag
When I was in six grade I still played with stick blades
tree forts and the pine cone hand grenades
there's a war going on outside we in the trenches
their throwing water balloons and hopping fences

they on some senseless murder of innocent
so we ain't going to bed until we finish it
you know what this dude said to show his ignorance?
that the SNES ain't as good as the Genesis

oh my god my homey Jared had a hold me back
I'm too old for this great school crap
"language" sorry mom that was an accident
We ain't really really fighting we just practicing

but that's what it was like back then life or death
life scrolled right we had nothing left
we rode bikes at night with no lights and yes
We were dreaming of all types of breasts


When I was 16 I may have seemed a bit mean
I had the world figured out but the world didn't get me
I had more enemies than I did friends
and I was waiting for my story to truly begin

Spending every waking moment playing video games
in a battle on a digital front
my teacher he said Matt you need focus on school
but I was getting school by a dude named slug, yup

music was the key to the future it seamed
rappers were the only ones not lying to me
i find it funny everyone around me's pushing a dream
that looks an awful lot like what they're trying to be

my father use to say about watching us play
the game wasn't the game it was making the rules
looks like growing up it's like the same damn thing
the only rules you got to follow are the ones that you choose


As a child i played with childish things
As a man i put those things away
cause their worth more now when they're mint in box
and i need Ching Ching to buy some video games

We still ride our bikes though our bed times changed
play in Treeforts only now we get paid
I make music that i would have loved back in the day
and all the movies from my childhood are getting remade

It's like the more things change the more they don't
i traveled the world but always end up home
my father use to film us when we played with the hose
and now I'm directing footage watching Madilyn grow

It's crazy when they say we too old for this shit
you didn't notice, no one over here was listen in
they in the business of convincing us on how we should live
but they need to understand we just some grown ass kids


We don't grow up we just grow old
the same old same old same old
Playing Leaf tag
Playing Leaf tag
Playing capture the flag
and Leaf tag

We don't grow up we just grow old
the same old same old same old
Playing Leaf tag
Playing Leaf tag
Playing capture the flag
and Leaf tag