This track contains samples of "Ling Xiaoyu" from the Tekken 3 arranged soundtrack, composed by Nobuyoshi Sano


(Verse 1)
Ever since day one/
she had my back and still would even if they won/
which makes us the true tag champs/
Fat chance if you think you could ever break this pact/
and that's fact/
A connection so good/
you could feel the impact by eye contact/
We on that/
Beyond that ordinary stuff/
It doesn't mean we gotta Crush/
Orange you glad to see, this kind of bond can be/
Still achieved in 2017/
Yeah we had our ups and downs/
and all of the above/
but we work through it/
and that's what you call, um.../
...I mean we just go way back/
and I wish I could take back/
things from the past I'm not too proud of/
but the voices in my head just gets louder/

But it's something inside, something I can't hide/
it gives me red eyes/
See, the devil inside/
can't hide; it's about to come alive/
No, you are not high/
these wings really do fly/
I apologize but tonight/
somebody is gonna die/
Angel on one shoulder, devil on the other/
Should I do it or not?/
Man, I don't really know/
What would she think if I let it all go/
Ask for forgiveness later - ikuzo!/

(Verse 2)
The mark of the beast must be deleted/
it must be dilapidated/
Broken, obsolete/
Yeah it's 2xtreme for some, but son/
somebody gotta stop the devil gene from/
messing up the world/
Even if death separates me from my girl/
I do it for you and your kids/
so for the Mishima bloodline, it's the end

It's the end


from The King of Iron Spit, released June 1, 2017
Lyrics: D. Boutdy
Music: B. Rhythmz
Original Score: N. Sano