This track contains samples of "Authentic Sky" from the Tekken 4 soundtrack, composed by Satoru Kosaki


(Part 1)
Something greater/
Lies beyond the/
sky above us/
so when you feel/
down and out/
just remember/
what got you here/
All the work/
that you put in/
The people who/
cheer you on/
you can achieve/
Just live a life/
worth remembering

(Part 2)
And just remember the people on your side/
with their hands high, that's why you're alive/
You can't let em down/
you will never live it down so bounce/
back off the wall/
when your back's against it, connect a 10-hit/
All that time you spent to train/
don't let it be in vain - get back in the game

(Part 3)
It's like if you were fighting at EVO/
your true potential - you just gotta find it like Nemo/
Ego - just let it go, gotta let it go/
then you'll break the walls down like Jericho/
Now, here we go/
Tame the lyin because you are the truth/
The proof in the pudding, it's you/
When you feel like you're about to lose.../
Think of the beginning and what motivated you then/
Again...again and again/


from The King of Iron Spit, released June 1, 2017
Lyrics: D. Boutdy
Music: B. Rhythmz
Original Score: S. Kosaki