This track contains samples of "Christie Monteiro" from the Tekken 4 soundtrack, composed by Yuu Miyake


(Verse 1)
Wow...and she takes me to a new space/
when I look at her face/
like waking up to a new day with cool rain/
on the window pane, all my inner pains washed away/
Don't walk away - leave that to Eddy/
Your ex be lame, won't you machete him already?/
Cut him off, because he walkin off everytime you need him/
cause he froze - ice cold/
So now I'm sneakin through your window with a bento/
from Marshall China, I know your tryin to/
find a fighter who can vibe to the music/
and do Capoiera - I mean 'era'/
my error - let me start from scratch (*scratch noise*)/
My name is Dave and I'm everything you want in a man/
see we could be the best team in the next Tekken Tag, yeah!

What's 2+5?/
That's the tag combo by you plus I/
The king and queen of Iron Fist Tournament/
It's got a ring to it...don't you think?/
Listen, what's 2+5? That's 7/
it rhymes with heaven, which I'm standing in the presence/
You're an Angel - but better than her/
Together you and me could better this world, so/
Christie, kiss me, Christie/
Christie, kiss me, Christie/
Christie, kiss me, Christie/
Cause you're everything I want and I'm everything you want, girl/
Christie, kiss me, Christie/
Christie, kiss me, Christie/
Christie, kiss me, Christie/

(Verse 2)
And everybody wanna do you like you're from a porno/
but I just wanna be your Eddy Gordo/
It's a war zone if he wanna battle me cause/
my delivery...yup, it's Digiorno/
You give me a peace of mind, we really need to/
find the time to recline in Brazil, for real/
Show me a whole new world - I'm like/
a lad in love with the first girl he's ever seen/
The other side of me is evergreen/
Have you ever seen a love like this?/
Not since "The Notebook"? Nonsense/
I'm no crook but I am guilty of stealing many a heart/
Many depart like Leo/
but I'm not into horoscopes - I am not Cleo/
I'm Neo, the one who loves you for real/
Now will you take the red or the blue pill huh?


So, what about/


from The King of Iron Spit, released June 1, 2017
Lyrics: D. Boutdy
Music: P. Benolkin
Original Score: Y. Miyake