Black Winter Night Sky (ft. MCMD)

from by Dave the Fave



This track contains samples of "Black Winter Night Sky" from the Tekken 2 arranged soundtrack, composed by Yoshie Takayanagi


(Verse 1 - DTF)
And the weather just got cold/
Time to break out the boots and the big coats/
Holiday, overtime, double, swing shift/
Give it all to me cause I don't make shit for dough, though/
I'm thankful to even have a job yo/
Octo to Novem and Decem/
Try to make a decent living/
without descending to overspending/
I'm over spending/
time for the man/
I'm the man, ain't you heard these jams?/
They jelly cause PB and DTF/
bringin that def back to most that slept/
Ain't nobody got time for that, I rest/
not a lot cause I got a big fam/
and they need the bestest presents and my Checkings lessens/
Now I see why people depressed in/

The black winter night sky/
ai ai ai, what I do for mine/
Man I got no time, I gotta get mine/
If I fall behind on bills, fine/
but I gotta supply (ai ai ai)/
gotta do it for mine (ai ai ai)/
It's dark outside (ai ai ai)/
what a cold life (ai ai ai)/

(Verse 2 - MCMD)
I ain't ever been cool but I'm cold what?/
So dope I'm coke, not soda/
Pop! But I done got this one/
bundle up yup yup when the winter comes/
Cold, no home we Snowden/
no kings, no lies, we grown men/
Eyes wide open we focused, frozen/
but winter comes for those who chosen! Stop/
Chilled to the bone that they never been caught/
Cot damn! Sun had to run from a real man/
Left me here in a cold land/
An icy tundra sometimes I wonder/
If it all snow balled would we be crushed under/
the weight of our own mistakes, I can't face it/
Start anew burn it down, erase shit/



from The King of Iron Spit, released June 1, 2017
Lyrics: D. Boutdy, M. Dixon
Music. P. Benolkin
Original Score: Y. Takayanagi